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Anthropologie, the clothing brand, is renowned for its unique and eclectic fashion offerings that blend artistic designs with bohemian and vintage influences. Anthropologie has carved a niche for itself in the fashion world as a destination for those looking to express their personality through their clothing and surroundings.

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Fashion is guilty of being one of the world's most polluting
industries. At Saylor, we're challenging ourselves to change the stats, at least a little bit, while staying true to the designs you love. Read on to learn about the why, the what and the how you can help too!



Free People, the clothing brand, is celebrated for its bohemian and carefree approach to fashion. Offering a mix of relaxed, flowing silhouettes and ethereal designs, the brand embodies a sense of wanderlust and artistic expression. Free People's clothing, accessories, and lifestyle products often feature intricate embroidery, unique patterns.